Bloom: The Best Opt-in Plugin?

I have searched high and low for a WordPress plugin to do everything I wanted in an opt-in plugin… it just doesn’t exist!

The closest I have seen is the Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes which just launched earlier today!

Bloom comes preloaded with over 100 pre-designed forms for your use. Plus you can customize each and everyone to your liking.

Autoresponder Integrations

Bloom comes integrated with a dozen different autoresponder systems and if yours isn’t integrated they provided an html area to paste in your code. Which makes it possible to use any autoresponder system out there.

A variety of opt-in types

The Bloom plugin also comes with 6 (at the moment) types of opt-ins. Including pop-ups, inline forms, after post forms, fly-in and of course widgets. Inline and after content forms have a shortcode so each post could have it’s own optin form. This allows you to signup subscribers to different lists to download different lead magnets, a powerful feature!

You can even protect posts using the Bloom plugin. Visitors simply opt-in and Bloom gives them access.
bloom-opt-in types

Built in stats

With built in stats and AB testing you won’t have to guess where all your subscribers are coming from. You’ll be able to tell which forms are performing the best right in from WordPress admin panel.

The Bloom plugin is everything you need in an opt-in plugin and ElegantThemes is already taking about adding features from comments they received today.

So, what are YOU waiting for? Go Download Bloom right now!

I am using the Bloom plugin on this blog. The opt-in form in the footer is a Bloom plugin form. Go get yours.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Hey, it’s how we pay the bills.

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