What A Campfire Can Teach You About Marketing


A lifetime ago, when I was around 13, I went camping with the boy scouts. We camped at Wolverine Canyon (S.E. Idaho) which was about 45 minutes from town.
We got to camp around 7pm and some us started setting up the tent. Others gathered firewood and a couple guys gathered rocks for a fire ring and kindling to build a fire.

We cooked our dinners over the fire. Everything from tin foil dinners, steaks skewered on a stick and hotdogs. Each scout brought there own dinner.

We finally settled down around 10pm and went to sleep. Now, 10 teen age boys can be loud so the scoutmaster, Mr. Combs slept about 100 feet away in his own 2-man pup tent. The rest of us slept in an old military nine man bell tent.

About an hour later there was a loud explosion! Followed by another… and another… With each explosion we could hear things hitting the tent. A total of 7 explosions. One guy from our tent started to go outside, but we stopped him and told him to stay in his sleeping bag. The scout master was also yelling not to come out.

Finally after of about 20 minutes of silence we heard the scout master rustling around outside “asking if everyone was okay.” He told us to “stay in the tent all night!”

The next morning we could see the tent was covered with small rocks and slivers of rocks. The heavy canvas tent protected us well. If anyone had ventured out they could have been hurt pretty badly.

The 2 guys gathering rocks had grabbed rocks from the creek. That whole canyon is shale and sandstone. Sandstone is very porous and full of air pockets. As the fire coals heated the air pockets and water that had seeped into the rocks it expanded and the rocks literally blew up!

What does a campfire have to do with marketing you ask?

Having the right tools (in this case – rocks) for any job is very important! For business owners online their website is one of the most important tools to have in their arsenal. At PegasusTeam we design websites that help you build your business online and get you found online.

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