campfire marketing

What A Campfire Can Teach You About Marketing

A lifetime ago when I was around 13 I went camping with the boy scouts. We camped at Wolverine Canyon (S.E. Idaho) which was about 45 minutes from town.
We got to camp around 7pm and some us started setting up the tent. Others gathered firewood and a couple guys gathered rocks for a fire ring and kindling to build a fire.

responsive web design

Responsive web design: What is it and why do you need it?

Website design has come a long, long way since the late 90’s hasn’t it? Think back to the dates of Geocities and all of those sparkling self-made graphics and animated gifs everywhere on the web. It’s sort of like a pop culture fad, only the kind that will NEVER come back into fashion. Once we […]


Bloom: The Best Opt-in Plugin?

I have searched high and low for a WordPress plugin to do everything I wanted in an opt-in plugin… it just doesn’t exist! The closest I have seen is the Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes which just launched earlier today! Bloom comes preloaded with over 100 pre-designed forms for your use. Plus you can customize […]

Backup Your Site: 24,000+ Articles Gone Overnight

Back around 2007 when article writing and bum marketing were exploding I created an article directory. A well know ‘marketing guru’ asked us on his list if we knew of any smaller article directories to submit articles to. I replied with a link to mine. A couple days later he emailed all of us on […]

How To Add a Sortable Registered Date Column in WP Users Panel

Recently I had a customer file a dispute with PayPal stating that they never received their product. If you sell products online, you have probably seen this type of person. Instead of just simply asking for a refund they have to be all dramatic about it. The membership script I use (DAP) instantly adds them […]