How To Add a Sort-able Registered Date Column in WP Users Panel


Recently I had a customer file a dispute with PayPal stating that they never received their product. If you sell products online, you have probably seen this type of person. Instead of just simply asking for a refund they have to be all dramatic about it.

The membership script I use (DAP) instantly adds them into the script’s database, but they don’t get added into the WordPress database until they login for the first time. I quickly checked my WordPress Users list and she was listed so I knew she had logged in to the members area.

I needed a date though, so I had to log into my cpanel, open php-my-admin and then check the date she registered… what a pain. I decided I needed to add the registered date right into the Users page in WordPress.

A search online found quite a few solutions to add a registered date column. Most of them however required hacking core files of WordPress, which you should never do!

There were a few other solutions I found, none of which worked at all.

Update: There is now a plugin that does this for you. You can find it at

I finally found a support thread on the forums with the solution that works in 3.2+

The second post by Ipstenu gives a link to the working code on pastebin as a plugin. Copy the code and paste it into Notepad or a similar program then save it as: show-registration-date.php

Use an ftp program to upload the php file right into your wp-content/plugins folder
Zip the file and install it as a plugin using the WP plugin installer. Activate the plugin.

That’s it!

When you go to Users panel in your WP admin you should now see the sort-able Registered date column.

I hope this helps narrow your search for a working solution to adding the Registered Date column into your Users panel. Let me know your thoughts below.

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