Backup Your Site: 24,000+ Articles Gone Overnight

Back around 2007 when article writing and bum marketing were exploding I created an article directory. A well know ‘marketing guru’ asked us on his list if we knew of any smaller article directories to submit articles to. I replied with a link to mine. A couple days later he emailed all of us on […]

How To Add a Sortable Registered Date Column in WP Users Panel

Recently I had a customer file a dispute with PayPal stating that they never received their product. If you sell products online, you have probably seen this type of person. Instead of just simply asking for a refund they have to be all dramatic about it. The membership script I use (DAP) instantly adds them […]

7 Easy Steps To Creating A Child Theme

1) Download your favorite WordPress theme 2) Upload it to your wp-content/themes folder From here on out we will not be touching the original or Parent theme at all! 3) Create a new folder and name it “mycooltheme” or whatever you want* 4) Open the original themes style.css file and change the top portion (if […]

Child Themes: What Are They?

A new design concept has been spreading through the WordPress theme development community that uses child themes to keep your main theme intact so you can update the themes easily when newer versions of WordPress comes out. Bloggers who heavily edit their themes to get that special look for their blog should definitely be looking […]