Do Nothing, To Be More Productive

Productive Relaxing

Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out a problem and after you walk away from it or you just give up trying to solve it, then the solution just comes to you?

Or you try to remember a persons name for a long time then suddenly in the middle of the night the names pops into your head.

Actively working on the problem for hours on end, will not help you solve it. Your brain is too active and too easily distracted.

Sometimes the best solution for solving a problem or just being more productive is to just walk away and quiet your mind.

Increase Your Productivity

Take some time every day and just do nothing. Here are a few ways to let your mind wander while you relax and a few things to avoid.

  • Take a walk outside – preferably in a park or in a nature setting.
  • Take a shower or quiet bath – I've solved a lot of problems in a nice warm shower.
  • Try meditation – meditation comes in many forms, but the point here is too just empty your mind.
  • Try Tai Chi – this ancient Chinese mind-body practice is perfect for relaxing. Also referred to as "meditation in motion".
  • Yoga – an ancient Hindu mind-body practice, helps to reduce stress and helps you become calm and centered.
  • Do deep breathing exercises – Breathing deeply helps you calm down and feel more relaxed.
  • Get a massage – There is nothing like a great massage to relax. If money is tight, some massage schools let students work on clients at a discount.
  • Listen to a Nature Sounds CD while closing your eyes and relaxing, doing yoga or meditating.

The mind cannot relax and come up with solutions if you are keeping it busy by doing something else.

  • Avoid reading
  • Avoid the television
  • Avoid the radio or loud music
  • Avoid all electronic devices (phones - tablets)

Do whatever it takes to help you to relax your mind and you will increase your productivity.

How do you relax your mind?